Optimus Sport BF is the modification of 2020

The model is based on the wing which proved to provide the perfect correlation of flight characteristics to the wide range of speeds.

The following changes took place:

– Increased sizes flaps and ailerons

– The tail pipe and the tail are completely changed

– Much attention is paid to the wind resistance of the model

– Controllability of the rudder and height is improved, wind penetrating raised

– The new tail became 20 percent easier. The new elliptic tail pipe was made for increasing rigidity

– The fuselage became 5 percent easier

– Speaking about the design, the wing became lower in comparison with the previous version. As a result, rigidity of the construction and space for booster cylinder were expanded in the electric version

– The important component of Optimus Sport BF is removable keel. Now the transportation of the model is more comfortable due to it.