VANTAGE – new project of 2020

The VANTAGE is a pure competition model specially designed for the F3F class. The aim of the development was to give the competition pilot a “vantage” over the competition especially in medium to weak weather conditions.

It is intended to sensibly expand the fleet of a competition pilot, not replace it. Following the current trend, the VANTAGE is therefore not necessarily designed as a classic allrounder, but rather as a specialist for certain conditions. But it is precisely this specialization that makes the VANTAGE so interesting even for the ambitious hobby pilot.

Because let’s be honest: How often do you stand on a slope or on the coast and really have THE hammer conditions for world record flights?

During the development of the model, we drew on a wealth of experience and feedback from some of the best competition pilots in the F3F class. Countless competition flights were also analyzed.

In this way, specific accents (fuselage design, aspect ratio, …) could be set and completely new profiles for the wing developed.

Special attention was paid to an excellent performance in the lower and medium lift range without having to accept significant losses in real speed flight.