Optimus is brand new for 2015 and offers outstanding aerodynamic design combined with the very latest in carbon composite spread tow construction. At 3.83m wingspan it is ideally sized mid way between the popular 3.5m and 4m formats giving an ideal balance of performance and handling throughout its very wide speed range.

Made exclusively from new unidirectional bi-axial carbon spread tow material, the Optimus structure is extremely stiff and light with electric versions and lightweight glider versions ready to fly from as little as 1800g. This very low starting weight combined with a highly efficient wing planform and airfoil profiles gives the Optimus an outstanding float and minimum sink performance.

Great care has also been taken to ensure optimum performance towards the high speed end of the flight envelope as well. Accurate computer modelling and simulation means the Optimus series of airfoil profiles give the best velocity distribution and boundary layer control throughout its entire span and speed range. This translates directly to faster higher launches for F3j glider versions and excellent search and return capabilities for both glider and electric versions. Performance in wind is also good where the Optimus demonstrates good forward penetration and the ability to return from downwind thermals with more height to spare.